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How to Tell if Gucci Sunglasses Are Fake or Authentic

How to Tell if Gucci Sunglasses Are Fake or Authentic

As a fashion writer and personal wardrobe stylist, I’ll show you in this guide how to make sure you’re buying an authentic Gucci sunglasses. Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921. Follow these simple steps to verify the authenticity of your purchase.


1. Logo lettering 

The logo lettering tip might seem obvious at first but actually not quite, as most people actually fail to realize the fact that they’ve actually purchased a fake product with a “look alike” or “sound alike” name or log rather than the authentic. For instance, some fakes for instance feature a “Cucci” logo instead of “Gucci”. This is very true. The general rule of thumb here is to double check the lettering and be very cautious when purchasing authentic sunglasses or eye-wear. The lettering or misspelling on the logo could be wrong which would definitely mean that the product purchased is most definitely a knock-off. If unsure then it’s always a good idea to check website on the internet.

2. Retail Box

Authentic Gucci sunglasses are packaged in a high quality branded retail box. Make sure to check that the logo on the retail box and font matches one used officially by Gucci. Older models may vary in color and style. The box should has a solid feel to the touch. Original Gucci sunglasses are packaged in a branded retail box …but just you must also be aware that that genuine packaging can accompany counterfeit sunglasses. Check for the quality of the print, the prints on the inside case are backwards on the fakes most times. Also check the colour and image quality of the logo.

3: Carry Case

Authentic Gucci sunglasses are accompanied by a case that features the Gucci logo. Check that the logo and font matches that of used officially by Gucci. Also check that the stitching and craftsmanship on the carry case is evenly spaced, straight and neat. Some older models may vary in color and style and be aware also that genuine carry cases may accompany counterfeit sunglasses especially when it’s not brand new. So basically, you should judge a book by it’s cover!

4: Quality

Yup! The frames and lenses themselves should have a quality and sturdy feel to the touch and should not show any signs of glue or roughness on the edges of both lens.

5: Dust Cloth

As you might already have guessed, Authentic Gucci sunglasses are accompanied by a very high quality dust cloth featuring the Gucci logo. Double check to ensure that the letter shapes are consistent with the official Gucci logo. Older models may vary in color and style but it usually comes in a gold coloured print featuring the “Gucci” logo

6: The Price tag
Well, If it seems too good to be true then it probably isn’t “true”. For instance, depending on the model, a used authentic pair of Gucci is typically going to cost you at least $70.00 out there. Anything brand new, straight out of the box is far more likely to be at least in the $100+ range. It’s always a great idea to check against the retail price and what other frames of the same condition are going for. Make sure the price seems reasonable to you. Go ahead and do an online comparison or call a high-end retail establishments for price comparison to ensure they aren’t fake eyeglasses.

7: Authenticity Certificate card Front
Authentic Gucci sunglasses come with an authenticity card and envelope. Check the envelope pattern and logo for consistency and spacing.

8: Authenticity Card Back
New Gucci sunglasses come with an authenticity card and envelope. The reverse of the card features style and colour information. Check that any details match those of the actual sunglasses and any similar details found on the packaging.

9: The Gucci tag and manufacturer’s Sticker
The original packaging features a manufacturers sticker on the box and Gucci tag strapped to the glasses on most models brand new from the box. Check the details match those of the glasses themselves.

10: Right and left Temples
The inside right temple arm of Gucci sunglasses feature the Gucci logo, followed by “Made in Italy”, and the letters CE representing European Conformity. They should feel heavy and stiff when you try to fold them. While the left temple on the other arm of Gucci sunglasses feature a model number, colour code and lens and frame measurements. Check that these match similar numbers detail on the box label or authenticity card so you’re sure of purchasing top sunglasses.