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How to Tell if Arnette Skylight goggles Are Fake or Authentic

How to Tell if Arnette Skylight goggles Are Fake or Authentic
This Californian brand is dedicated to progression, maximum functionality and quality, began life back in 1992.  And within a short time, Arnette sunglasses became the eyewear of a generation of surf, skate and snow fans and a symbol of the active lifestyle.

1: The Arnette quality
Arnette sports sunglasses are made of impeccable high quality material and are capable of absorbing 100% UVA, UVB and UVC, which has been the most favorite choice of sportsmen all over the world. However, there are many fakes one on the market. You’d better buy it from the formal store or its official web. If you have got one, check the sunglasses carefully that if there are scratch, peel off or color streaks. The best way is verify that the item you are buying is truly authentic is to visit the Arnette store for more information.

2: Anti-scratch
It shouldn’t have any scratch markings on them. If you wear glasses the these googles should have no problem fitting perfectly over them. The Skylight anti-fog, anti-scratch, impact resistant 24k Iridium lenses should create the perfect blend of snow texture and contrast.

3: Anti-Fog
A true attribute of the Skylights greatness is the Anti-Fog. There shouldn’t any fog at all… 100% no fog even if you wear them over your glasses!  If they do then it’s probably a fake. The lenses make a huge difference and Arnette offers the Skylight with a variety of shades and styles to choose from. The Skylight offers excellent vision quality!  The mere size of the goggle may turn you away but once you take them to the slopes and discover the anti blind spot technology, you’ll be amazed!  The low profile convex shape increases peripheral vision and the semi flush lens geometry opens visibility in virtually every direction. The shape actually mimics the anatomical curvature of the eyes…so you’re  good to go!