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How to spot a real vs fake Ray-Ban sunglasses

How to Tell if Ray-Ban Sunglasses Are Fake or Authentic

So you want to purchase that pair of awesome Ray-Ban sunglasses that you’ve always wanted to look great in. Various sunglasses styles look really stunning from afar…But hold on a sec, you also don’t want to discover later on that you’ve been sold fake sunglasses! Wearing a fake Ray-Ban is something that is really laughable. Ray-Ban is one of the products in the world that have captivated the attention of buyers so much that they’ve spawned alternate businesses that solely produce knockoffs and fake eyeglasses. This post on how to spot a fake and be able to tell the difference between a genuine and a fake RB. Ray-Ban is an American manufacturer but now owned by the Italian Luxottica Group. Always ask questions and do this sort of research before buying and don’t just be dazzled by the deal you are getting. Genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses are hand made in Italy and, as such, are of an excellent  quality of material and finish.

So how then would you be able to tell if the that seemingly gorgeous sunglasses is a fake or not. What are those tell tale signs or markings that we ought to watch out out for? Purchasing a pair of original Ray Bans sunglasses is very important because the cheap knockoffs don’t provide any kind of protection. They’re simply darkly tinted glasses, which cause more harm than good to your eyes. Under the shade or in low light conditions, your pupils dilate to let more light in, and they do so under these glasses as well. But since there’s no UV protection of any kind, you’re actually exposed to more harmful UV radiation than ever, and are at risk of several eye disorders with regular use and can cause injuries in some cases. Wearing a fake can often be worse for your eyes than wearing nothing at all.
Original Ray-Bans are made of extremely high quality and durable materials.
Take a walk with us as we walk through 12 measures to verify the authenticity of your purchase.

How To Check If Your Ray-Ban Sunglasses Are Genuine


1: The Retail Box
Most Original Ray-Ban sunglasses are packaged in a branded retail box …but you must also be aware that that genuine packaging can accompany counterfeit sunglasses. Check for the quality of the print, the colour and image quality of the logo. Also check that the logo and font matches that of used officially by Ray-Ban. Most of the times these logo stamps on the fake sunglasses will look decent only at face value, but the minor details are incorrect. Let’s remember that these space relations are valid logos. A sign of a real logo font is where the Ray-Ban may have a slight inclined gradient tilt to it from the first letter R to the last letter N…this is a general rule of thumb because some oldermodels may vary slightly. but in general, the “B” should have a consistent foreword lean regardless of model or year.


2: The Retail Box Label
Just like in most quality products, this retail box label details manufacturer information, barcode, model name, frame and lens description. The serial numbers are unique so you should also check that no two serial numbers are the same in a given set.  Check that these details match the details of, and detailed on, the sunglasses themselves, and on any accompanying paperwork. If the box seems flimsy or too shiny, it’s probably not an original.


3: Carry Case
Ray-Ban glasses come in a black or tan case with the Ray-Ban logo printed on the front. A real case will have a hardened front too. The inside of the case is lined in red or black. If you have Ray-Ban Aviator in a casing, then clearly inspect the logon engraved on it. The case of an authentic Ray-Ban would be the one with a gold logo imprinted/engraved on it, not painted. The logo containing the “Ray-Ban” seal must be centered. Also, look out for the Ray-Ban logo on the stud of the case because the fakes are often missing this very little detail.

black-rayban-case-300x300                            fake-not-centered-300x300

4: The Temple
The inside left temple arm of Ray-Ban sunglasses feature the model number and sizing details. Again check for any errors in font size, spacing or alignment. Hold your Ray-Bans and have a close look. They should feel of a quality weight. For the authentic acetate Ray-Bans, for example the Wayfarer, are cut from a solid block of high quality acetate and hand polished. The Serial/Model Numbers should be seen on the temple. Notice how small the hinges are on the fake the also the fakes usually have the model details further down the temple far away from the hinges

lenssize_temple-300x140             fake-temple-and-hinges-300x136

5: Lens Sticker
An authentic pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses feature a sticker on the lens. The sticker features the logo with a small ® etched right next to it which represents the registered trademark. Look carefully and compare the size and font details. 


6: RB Etch
Authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses have a small ‘RB’ etched on the left lens just below the hinge. Compare the size and font carefully. The etching should be very clean and of high quality but definitely not painted. Pre-2000 models have the letters ‘BL’ etched for Bausch & Lomb who previously owned the company. All original Ray-Bans have a “RB” etched onto the the far left side of the left lens.


7: Ray-Ban Logo
The Ray-Ban logo is printed on the right hand lens. Again check the size, font and clarity of the letters. The logo should not have peeled or flaked. I almost bought a Ray-Ban pair of glasses after the seller tried to convince me that it was Polarized (without the Ray-Ban P). This is not true..Ray-Ban with polarized lenses must have “Ray-Ban P”. The “P” stands for polarized.


8: Hinges and Temple Screws
For the models that have logos that are attached directly to the Temples, check the logo. It should be cleanly attached, be flush with the arm, and not stuck on or glued on. Genuine glasses have metal frames underneath the temples so generally, the temples should have a solid feel and should be slightly heavy. Of course, other genuine Ray-Ban models will have different hinges but always check that they are very neatly manufactured and are of excellent quality. They should be embedded neatly into the frame rather than showing any traces of glue or melted plastic like they’ve been molded.


9: Nose pad Logo
Most knock off find it difficult to replicate due to the detailing involved. The letters ‘RB’ in the correct fonts can be found under the clear resin on the oval shaped nose pad. The clear resin should feel smooth and of high quality. The posotion and it’s shaped must be clearly inspected.


10: Nose bridge Logo
The word “RAY-BAN” followed by the size code are located on the underside of the metal nose bar. Check that the code matches the size code detailed on the inside left temple arm.

11: Production location The Ray-Ban brand is now owned by the Luxottica Group and Ray-bans are now produced in Italy. Bausch & Lomb USA stopped making the Ray-Ban sunglasses range back in around 1998, so sunglasses that have the markings Ray-Ban USA and claim to be 2005-2006 models, may probably not be genuine Ray-Ban.


12: The Conten

The contents of the package should include: one pair of sunglasses, a product manual called ‘The Icons’, a manufacturers note, a tag and a branded cleaning cloth. All these items including the cleaning cloth should have a red Ray-Ban logo with the correct fonts and style on the bottom right, and not have any seams or threads sticking out.



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  2. Hi…
    I hv bought a pair of ray ban rb3025 l2823 sunglasses from Flipkart. It has all the characteristics of genuine glasses except the sticker on the left lens as mentioned above. Is it fake..? Plz provide ur valuable feedback. Thank you.

  3. Hi Carly,
    All original Ray-Bans have a “RB” etched onto the the far left side of the left lens. This is a trademark feature of all real Ray-Ban sunglasses.
    Not having the etching could be a red flag. However, do go through the steps to see if everything else checks out.

  4. Thanks Gaurav Goel, we do appreciate all your wonderful comments and
    Pls do keep reading!