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How to spot a real vs fake BVLGARI Sunglasses

How to spot a real vs fake BVLGARI Sunglasses

For starters, the name BVLGARI is written in Latin, so the letter that looks like a “V” is actually a “U”. So it’s pronounced Bulgari—BULL(like the animal)-GAHR(as in ‘garden’)-EE(like the letter “e”). Follow these simple steps to verify the authenticity of your purchase.


1: The Retail Box
This box comes with in very beautiful and unique case featuring the Bvlgari ring on both sides of the case in the correct fonts. The real BVLGARI sunglasses display a consistent font lettering, with all the repeat letters being the same height and width. Knock offs usually have an inconsistent font lettering in their stamp impressions.

2. Certificate of authenticity
Each new pair of glasses will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity in the form of a small booklet. Be sure to ask the seller if the glasses come with a certificate of authenticity. If they do not, the glasses could be fake.
3: The Model number and Temple details
This is a series on numbers which is found on the right temple. You may also verify the authenticity of your sunglasses by asking the seller to provide you with the model number of their purchase and then one may verify its authenticity through the internet. Secondly, color codes are given to the sunglasses as well. A code of YB7 for example is a silver color, or 807 is usually black.
The etched impression on the bvlgari temples are clear, crisp and cannot be scratched off by your fingers, with well defined spaces between the letters. An authentic stamp etch should also be properly position and centered within the temple arm. This is important, because many fake glasses get this detail wrong and lake symmetry most of the time. This lack of symmetry will be subtle sometimes but can also be very glaring.