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10 Ways to Hide a bulgy midsection or tummy

10 Ways to Hide a bulgy midsection

1.  Hiding a bulgy section can be a little tricky but is still very much achievable. Assuming you’re out and clothed already then the first idea would be to empty all your pockets..yup! Your pockets should be free from everything possible. Things such as your mobile phones, your purses, your wallets, little pads of reminder notes etc. These items in your pockets tend to make your midsection look a lot bigger. The more you have items stuffed in your midsection the, more you continue to draw attention to that portion of your beautiful body.

2. Try as much as possible to avoid tight clothes over your belly area. You should wear tight clothing that accent your busts only if you really need to. This trick always works a it takes all the attention away from you midsection area and focuses it more on your strengths which might be your bum bum or your busts.

3. You can wear leggings underneath skinnies with wide tops or draped tops. The trick here is that they tend to fit comfortably around your belly and midsection area and tuck it in a bit..just like a corset. Colourful draped tops or mono colours with vertical lines tend to reduce the illusion even more and you’ll simply look gorgeous!.

4. Layering and asymmetrical tops does wonders when you need to hide your belly fat. You can use add a cardigan or a jacket and make drap down over your midsection area. Again, vertical lines or vertical colours and designs tend to reduce the illusion even more and take away the attention from your midsection entirely giving you that beautiful look. These layers with drapes or jackets simply make your bulge invisible.

5. Never make use of belts if you want to hide a midsection bulge.  The trick here is to draw attention elsewhere but wearing a belt makes it very visible…you don’t want that. You should wear a blouse with frills or embroidery on your upper body instead and divert the attention away from your midsection.

6. Go for darker colors, I’m not just talking about black, but you can explore a bit more with other dark shades as well. If you like to wear prints and patterns, then try to go for the ones with vertical lines running down rather than horizontal lines.

7. Remember to wear tops over your skirts and pants and don’t tuck them in. Tucking only draws attention to your midsection so better to avoid that entirely.

8. Another option is to wear tops with soft folds dripping from the neckline which disguise your midsection.

9. Wearing camouflage or darker colours like navy, black, gray, and charcoal have a much more slimming effect than light colors because it’s much harder to discern small differences in fabric like wrinkles, pulling, and they’re so subtle that they don’t draw too much visual attention to the areas you’re trying to hide.

10. Avoid tight T-shirts and fix your posture. Standing up straight does wonders. It’ll make your belly a bit flatter, let your clothes hang better, and you’ll look so much more confident. And really, isn’t looking confident what good style is all about?